On Wednesday, August 26th the Chicago Public Schools Board of Education will be voting on the potential renewal of its contract with the Chicago police department.

Pilsen Alliance Youth and Chicago Desi Youth Rising are calling on Sendhil Revuluri, a South Asian living in Pilsen, to vote #CopsOutCPS, and join our side in the movement to reimagine safety in our schools.

Last week Desi and Latine youth of Chicago came together in front of Sendhil’s house, to show him how joyful our resistance was–what it would look like to join the side of young people who love each other deeply.

This Monday, Black youth leaders, including our friends and loved ones, were arrested for protesting at the Board of Education downtown. We’re out here risking our lives in the middle of a global pandemic, while cops only continue to terrorize our loved ones in the streets. We have had enough of adults not listening to us.

We met with Sendhil last week and since then, though his new proposal looks like a sign that he wants to move CPS in the right direction, we’re not seeing him take the right steps to work with Black and brown youth who have been leading this work for years, to build lasting change to eliminate the school to prison pipeline, once and for all.

We’re calling on Desi, Latinx and all of our allies and loved ones to join us in inviting Sendhil to stand on the right side of history, listen to the youth, and vote cops out of CPS.