Police Will Remain In Chicago Schools — For At Least One More Year. Sarah Karp, WBEZ Chicago. 08.27.20

Board of Education Renews SRO Contract With Chicago Police. Matt Masteron, WTTW. 08.26.20

Dozens of young people in Austin protest police in schools Zach Cunning, Austin Talks 8.25.20

Chicago school resource officers could be phased out under Board of Ed proposal amid ongoing protests. Hannah Leone, Chicago Tribune. 08.24.20

More than 400 people join march to call for removal of police in Chicago schools Paige Fry, Chicago Tribune 08.22.20

Activists pushing to remove cops from CPS rally at home of school board vice president: ‘Youth do not need to be policed’. Tom Schubas, Chicago Sun Times. 08.20.20

CPS says police officers removed from 17 high schools, announces School Resource Officer program reforms. Diana Pathieu, ABC7. 08.19.20

3 of 4 people arrested at CPS are Black even as arrests plummet Nader Issa, Chicago Sun Times 08.14.20

Vote Leaves Black Students Far More Likely To Have Police In School Than Other Teens Sarah Karp, WBEZ. 08.13.20

Youth Activists March to Lightfoot’s Home to Demand Removal of Police From Schools. Matt Masterson, WTTW. 08.13.20

CPS to slash school police budget by more than half, to $15 million Nader Issa, Chicago Sun Times 08.10.20

The Debate Over Police in Chicago Public Schools Quinn Myers, WTTW 7.14.20

Hancock College Prep Votes Out Police, Becoming 4th CPS School To Remove Cops On Campus Mauricio Peña, Block Club Chicago 8.7.20

Some Chicago School Councils Tasked With Voting On Police In Schools Aren’t Following The Rules Yana Kunichoff, Chalkbeat Chicago 7.16.20

Northside College Prep votes to remove its CPD officers, becomes first CPS school to do so Nader Issa, Chicago Sun Times 7.8.20

Chicago youth activists for #CopsOutCPS provide answers to questions about police-free schools Kelly Garcia, The Triibe 7.6.20

CPS Dodged Reforming Police In Schools For 2 Years, Inspector General Says. Now, District Vows To Do Better Justin Lawrence, Block Club Chicago 7.3.20

How many students are arrested at Chicago schools? CPS tells City Council it doesn’t know Nader Issa, Chicago Sun Times 7.2.20

Debate over cops in schools to get City Council hearing
Fran Spielman, Chicago Sun Times

After a failed CPS Board vote to remove CPD from schools, youth activists vow to keep fighting public schools rejected by school board
Kelly Garcia, The Triibe

Proposal to boot Chicago cops from public schools rejected by school board
Carlos Ballesteros, Injustice Watch

Chicago school board votes 4-3 to keep police contract — for now
Nader Issa, Chicago Sun Times

Chicago Public Schools will keep its police program — for now
Yana Kunichoff, Chalkbeat

At Some CPS Schools, Conversations And Peace Circles Will Replace Traditional Punishment
Sarah Karp, WBEZ

Chicago Teachers Join the Nationwide Movement to Kick Cops Out of Schools
Indigo Oliver, In These Times

3 aldermen push to kick cops out of schools, plan to introduce ordinance at council meeting this week
Nader Issa, Chicago Sun-Times

Activists protest during virtual graduation to call for Chicago police to be removed from public schools
William Lee, Chicago Tribune

As CPS hosts star-studded graduation ceremony, hundreds march to demand removal of cops from schools
Tom Schuba and Suzanne McBride, Chicago Sun-Times

Recent CPS Grads March, Call For Public Schools To Cut Ties With Chicago Police
CBS Chicago

What’s the alternative to police in schools? Restorative justice.
Curtis Black, Chicago Reporter

As protests continue, Chicago organizers call on Mayor Lightfoot and other local officials to meet their demands
Vee L. Harrison, The Triibe

Commentary: Remove Chicago police from CPS schools
Miranda Johnson, Chicago Tribune

A CPS Mom Explains How the CPD Got Into CPS and How to Get Cops Out of Schools
Cassandra Kaczocha, Chicago Unheard

Making the case for keeping cops out of Chicago’s schools
Editorial Board, Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Teachers Union Members March To Demand Chicago Public Schools Defund Police, Fund Restorative Practices In Schools
Ariel Parrella-Aureli, WBBM Radio

Police killing of George Floyd amplifies calls to remove school resource officers from Chicago public schools: ‘We don’t need more cops.’
Hannah Leone and Morgan Greene, Chicago Tribune

‘Police Do Not Belong in Our Schools.’ Students Are Demanding an End to Campus Cops After the Death of George Floyd
Katie Reilly, TIME Magazine

Chicagoans Demand Police Be Removed From Schools, CPS Says They Value The ‘Feedback’
Sarah Karp, WBEZ

Do Cops Belong in Schools? Minneapolis Tragedy Prompts a Hard Look at School Police
Evie Blad and Stephen Sawchuk, Education Week

Two marches, led by Chicago students and alumni, call for school policing changes
Yana Kunichoff, Chalkbeat

We protest police in the streets, so why do we let police in our schools?
Dave Stieber, Chicago Reporter

Chicago community groups have long called to remove police from schools. Is this their moment?
Yana Kunichoff, Chalkbeat

Youth to Chicago mayor: Spend more on schools, less on police
Yana Kunichoff, Chalkbeat

Teens, young adults had some questions for Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot at her South Side budget town hall meeting
Gregory Pratt, Chicago Tribune

Chicago approves $33 million for school police despite student criticism
Yana Kunichoff, Chalkbeat