The time to get Cops out of CPS is NOW!  Whether you are a student, parent, teacher or community member, there are many ways to support our demand. 

#CopsOutCPS 101

On January 22nd, learn some history on police in Chicago Public Schools and the movement to remove them. Meet other students demanding #CopsOutCPS in Chicago.

LSC Summit

LSCs for All Coalition is hosting a LSC Summit on Saturday, January 30th. Details and registration coming soon. For questions or comments, reach out to Jianan Shi at

Social Media Toolkit

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CPS Alumni Take Action!

Sign onto the Open Letter from CPS Alumni to Remove Police from Chicago Public Schools!

Read & Share these testimonials from CPS Students & Alumni:

Learn more about how CPS Alumni are organizing to support #CopsOutCPS by visiting their website here:

Learn More

Still on the fence about getting police out of schools? Educate yourself! Want more info you can share with family, friends or others? Check out these reports on the harms of police in schools.

We Came to Learn: A Call to Action for Police-Free Schools

By The Advancement Project

The report centers the voices of young people from around the country who describe the everyday indignities that they experience at the hands of school police. It also, for the first time, catalogues known assaults of young people by school police officers. The report shines a spotlight on three particular cases where young people were assaulted by school police and how their communities responded. The report chronicles how Black and Brown youth have used organizing and advocacy to advance a vision of school safety that is not reliant on policing.

Handcuffs in Hallways: The State of Policing in Chicago Public Schools

By Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law

This paper examines the history of school-based policing, its current state, and best practices for school-based safety, with a focus on school policing in the Chicago Public Schools. Because of current problems related to the presence of police officers in schools, it is our recommendation that law enforcement should not be permanently assigned to the Chicago Public Schools.

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Let's fund counselors, arts, literally anything but more police
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We want to hear from you. We're writing a report and organizing to get police out of our schools. Are there police in your school? have you or youre friends been arrested, detained, or harmed by police at school? 
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