Support from Restorative Justice Community

In January of 2020, over a hundred members of the Restorative Justice community in Chicago – organizations and individuals alike, hand delivered a letter to Mayor Lori Lightfoot supporting the call to remove police from schools.  

They state, “Our research and work in Chicago schools over the last several decades informs us that a professional staff dedicated to shifting a school culture from punitive to restorative, combined with a whole school approach to restorative justice leads to increased academic and social-emotional success and school safety. A whole school approach is more than teaching a set of restorative practices, it includes a change of “head and heart” necessary for a paradigm shift in a school. Shifting from police officers to restorative justice practitioners in our schools is a true change of “head and heart.”

To date, Lightfoot has not responded.  

Read the full letter here.  

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