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This report examines the disparities in who is impacted by school-based policing, the misconduct records of the CPD officers assigned to CPS, and the ways funds currently allocated towards policing could be re-invested.  We found that:

  • Even while police incidents overall have cut in half in the past decade, they continue to target Black students at 4 times the rate of white students in CPS. 
  • The 180 School Resource Officers and 21 School Liaison Supervisors assigned to CPS have a combined total of at least 2,354 misconduct complaint records on file against them. 
  • If re-allocated, the $33 million currently allotted to 180 SROs in CPS could fund positions for 317 social workers, 314 school psychologists, or 322 nurses. 

The time is now to invest in real safety for Chicago‚Äôs youth, and that begins with cutting ties with the Chicago Police Department. 

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