Webinar: Reimagining Safety in Public Schools

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The collective definition of Police Free Schools from the #PoliceFreeSchools campaign:

“Dismantling school policing infrastructure, culture, and practice; ending school militarization and surveillance; and building a new liberatory education system. We believe removing police from our schools is a seed for removing them from our communities. We are abolitionists, grounded in our respective freedom traditions together.”


Time Mark Speaker Relevant Links and Quotes
0:00 – 4:00  Introductions by Natasha Erskine, RYH Parent Organizer @ILRaiseYourHand Read about the #PoliceFreeSchools action this past Saturday

Oak Park POC Youth, ROYAL, led action Thursday on police and SROs

4:00 – 8:45 Ling, Senior at Hyde Park Academy, STOP Leader #PoliceFreeSchools @STOPChicago Police Free Schools Demands and Petition 

Reference to Toronto terminating SRO contract in 2017

8:52 – 13:22 Diana, Senior at Hancock HS, BPNC Youth Leader #PoliceFreeSchools @BPNCChicago Reference to the 2018 Office of Inspector General Report on SROs and how there were inadequate training and direction
14:08 – 17:36 Nidalis, Lincoln Park Alum, Activist “Rabble Rouser”  Reference to 40% of Chicago’s budget on CPD
18:05 – 25:48 Maria Fernandez, Senior Campaign Strategist, and Organizer with Advancement Project 


More about the Advancement Project and their report “We Came to Learn: A Call to Action for Police Free Schools

Reference to the  “1.7 million students go to schools with cops but not counselors”

More about Padres y Jóvenes Unidos and their work to remove cops from Denver Public Schools

More about Freedom Inc and their work to remove cops from Madison Public Schools

26:00 – 30:02 Dr. Elizabeth Todd-Breeland, Historian and Board of Education Member


Reference to the history of policing and its connection to slave patrols

Reference to the connection between municipal policing and its relationship with capitalism

Reference to the origins of CPD in schools – check out this piece by CPS parent on origins of CPD in CPS

30:12 – 38:50 Natasha Erskine, former LSC Parent Reference to last year’s LSC SRO process and its issues

Reference to Chicago Consent Decree (SROs, pg 11)

38:50 – 47:50 Rousemary Vega, LSC Parent Read more on the need for counselors and mental health in schools, not the police (page 10)
48:05 – 53:35 Kristin Brody, CPS LSC Parent, and PAC Chair Research: “Schooling the Police: Race, Disability, and Conduct of SROs

Examples of 5 Schools Practicing Restorative Justice

Reference to the alignment to CPS’s mission for restorative practices

54:05 – 59:15 Jonathan Williams, Former CPS LSC Chair  King College Prep Feels Like A Jail Under New Principal” (2018)
1:00:06 – 1:04:25 Arathi Jayaram, CPS Educator, Exec Board Member of CTU Read AP’s report on how Police in Schools are Not the Answer to School Shootings

Black Organizing Project’s Pledge by Teachers to Not Call the Police and their People’s Plan for #PoliceFreeSchools

1:04:45 – 1:08:50 Nina Hike, CPS Educator Research on the trauma of police stops
1:09:00 – 1:15:45 Laurentio Howard, CPS Parent  Reference to his daughter’s trauma and abuse by SROs at Marshall HS

Reference to the relationship between disability and criminal justice 

1:15:55 – 1:22:55 William Weaver, CPS Educator Reference to the School to Prison Pipeline

Reference to the Jon Burge Reparations Curriculum

1:23:00 – 1:27:30 Tammie Vinson, CPS Educator Related to what students need, The School Girls Deserve
1:27:40 – 1:32:06 Paula Barajas, CPS Educator Resource on how teachers can combat bias
1:32:35 – 1:36:50 Dave Stieber, CPS Educator His recent article: We protest police in the streets, so why do we let police in our schools?
1:37:35 – 1:46:50  Jael Kerandi, UMN Student President Her letter to the University of Minnesota 
1:47:00 – 1:51:38 Cathleen Martin, CPS Educator Related: Black Girls Matter: Pushed Out, Overpoliced, and Underprotected
1:51:38 – 2:12:44 Q&A & Call to Action  


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